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TESTAMENT - Seen Between The Lines (1991)

1.) Eerie Inhabitants (Live)

2.) Face In The Sky (Live)

3.) Greenhouse Effect (Live)

4.) Souls Of Black (Live)

5.) Sins Of Omission (Live)

6.) Disciples Of The Watch (Live)

7.) Nobody's Fault (Music Video)

8.) Practice What You Preach (Music Video)

9.) Souls Of Black (Music Video)

10.) The Legacy (Music Video)

Chuck Billy: Vocals

Eric Peterson: Rhythm & Lead Guitars

Louie Clemente: Drums

Greg Christian: Bass

Alex Skolnick: Lead & Rhythm Guitars

Produced and Directed by Nancy Bennett

Recorded at Los Angeles Sports Arena by Nancy Bennett and Mark Zavad

Mixed at Post Logic by Steve Carlton

Interviews by Steffan Chirazi