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TESTAMENT - Low (1994)

1.) Low

2.) Legions (In Hiding)

3.) Hail Mary

4.) Trail Of Tears

5.) Shades Of War

6.) P.C.

7.) Dog Faced Gods

8.) All I Could Bleed

9.) Urotsukidoji

10.) Chasing Fear

11.) Ride

12.) Last Call

Chuck Billy: Vocals

Eric Peterson: Rhythm And Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals

James Murphy: Lead Guitar

Greg Christian: Bass

John Tempesta: Drums

Produced by Testament and GGGarth

Recorded at A & M Studios by Kill Bennedy, John (Geetus) Aguto, Ken Walden, Randy Wine, and Liz Sroka

Mixed at Scream by Michael Wagener

Mastered at Precision Mastering by Stephen Marcussen