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TESTAMENT - Live At The Fillmore (1995)

1.) The Preacher

2.) Alone In The Dark

3.) Burnt Offerings

4.) A Dirge

5.) Eerie Inhabitants

6.) The New Order

7.) Low

8.) Urotsukidoji

9.) Into The Pit

10.) Souls Of Black

11.) Practice What You Preach

12.) Apocalyptic City

13.) Hail Mary

14.) Dog Faced Gods

15.) Return To Serenity (acoustic)

16.) The Legacy (acoustic)

17.) Trail Of Tears (acoustic)

Eric Peterson: Backing Vocals, Rhythm & Lead And Acoustic Steel String Guitars

Greg Christian: Bass Guitar

Chuck Billy: Vocals

Jon Dette: Drums

James Murphy: Lead & Rhythm And Acoustic Nylon String Guitars

Produced by Eric Peterson & Chuck Billy

Recorded at The Fillmore by Bob Sky

Acoustic Tracks Recorded Live at Tramps N.Y.C.

Mixed at Screams Studios by Michael Wagener