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TESTAMENT - The Gathering (1999)

1.) D.N.R. (Do Not Resuscitate)

2.) Down For Life

3.) Eyes Of Wrath

4.) True Believer

5.) 3 Days In Darkness

6.) Legions Of The Dead

7.) Careful What You Wish For

8.) Riding The Snake

9.) Allegiance

10.) Sewn Shut Eyes

11.) Fall Of Sipledome

Chuck Billy: Vocals

Eric Peterson: Lead & Rhythm Guitar

James Murphy: Lead Guitar

Steve DiGiorgio: Bass

Dave Lombardo: Drums

Produced by Eric Peterson

Recorded at Driftwood Studio and Sound Temple Studio by Vincent Wojno, Eric Peterson, James Murphy, Andy Sneap, and Kent Matcke

Mixed at Driftwood Studio by Andy Sneap

Mastered at Driftwood Studio by Andy Sneap