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TESTAMENT - First Strike Still Deadly (2001)

1.) First Strike Is Deadly

2.) Into The Pit

3.) Trial By Fire

4.) Disciples Of The Watch

5.) The Preacher

6.) Burnt Offerings

7.) Over The Wall

8.) The New Order

9.) The Haunting

10.) Alone In The Dark

11.) Reign Of Terror

Chuck Billy: Vocals

Eric Peterson: Guitars

Alex Skolnick: Guitars

Steve DiGiorgio: Bass

John Tempesta: Drums

Steve Souza: Vocals on tracks 10 & 11

Produced by Testament

Recorded, Engineered and Co-Produced by Doug Hall at Driftwood Studios

Additional edits & engineering by Michael Rosen

Mixed by Andy Sneap at Backstage Studios

Art Direction & Layout by Vinny Cimino