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Official Testament Site (info direct from the band)

Official Dragonlord Site (info direct from the band)

Official James Murphy Site (info about James as well as health updates)

Official Steve Smyth Site (info and tons of awesome pictures on Testament as well as other bands)

Official Steve DiGiorgio Site (lots of info and pictures)

Official Alex Skolnick Site (plenty of info on Alex's current projects)

Spitfire Records Site (Testament's record label)

Official Jon Dette Site (ex-Testament drummer, lots of info and pictures, hasn't been updated)

Shaggy's Testament Page (not updated recently)

Testament - Underground

The Haunting (cool page, not updated recently)

Fatal's Testament Page (no longer being updated; look elsewhere)

Scum Of Society Testament Page

Metal Music Testament Page

antiMUSIC Testament Page

L.S.D. Testament Lyrics

Heavy Fuckin' Testament Discography

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